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Cheryl Novak

As a retired attorney and an entrepreneur, I bring 20+ years of experience advising, coaching and consulting with clients, and 10+ years experience as an entrepreneur to my private coaching practice.


I just want to share with you briefly how I got here and why I love working with women like you as a Life Coach and Consultant.




I loved being an independent career woman while at the same time raising two beautiful daughters. But it took a lot to get where I was, and my family and I made a lot of personal sacrifices.  Often, I felt I was failing at home both as a mother and a wife, and struggling to meet the demands of my high-pressure job.  I was stressed out, overwhelmed, confused and unhappy, and I felt just plain stuck.  I was living the “American Dream” I thought....but I was too busy to even realize what I was missing in life….


Then things started to fall apart...I went through a divorce (something I had vowed I would never do – don’t we all?) and on top of that, in the middle of the divorce, I was laid off from my high paying job during the financial crisis of 2009.  Due to stress, I ended up in the hospital with an SVT which weakened my heart.  The doctors informed me I would never be able to return to a high-level job like the one I had at the time, without putting my life at risk.



After taking time to recover and regain some sanity, I began looking for work.  Unable to find a suitable job on the east coast, or any job really at the time, and having met someone from the Midwest, I moved to Minneapolis, thinking I could start a new life.  By far one of the hardest decisions I’d ever made….leaving my college-aged daughters, my family, my friends and our home of over 20 years that my brothers had built for my family.  I was heart-broken.  


I became overly familiar with “homesickness.”   I was hanging on by a thread.  I took the dreaded bar exam again and started working at a law firm with the promise of “normal working hours.” (not 80 hours per week like before...).



Within 6 months, I had fallen back into old work patterns, working

far too many hours in a job driven by deadlines.  Not surprisingly,

I started getting sick again...then the shock of my life...doctors

said I should consider getting on the heart transplant list.  My

career as a high powered attorney was over - it was killing me….

literally.  On top of that, my 5-year relationship fell apart.  I was

forced to leave the high-stress corporate law world, my relationship

and my home....and start over…again.



Let's face it...change can be overwhelming and scary but at some

point change may be the only option to find true happiness...and

that's what counts in life~ and there doesn’t have to be a life-

threatening illness for us to realize something has to change, we

just know our gut. can be confusing and stressful.  But once you decide to make a change and commit to it, you become open to the possibility of a new way of living.  This can be so freeing....and exciting! 

I admit I was scared...and I did a lot of soul searching.   In time, it became clear to me that what I am passionate about is helping other women, like you, create the life they dream of...even if they’re not quite sure what that looks like just yet....because life is too short to stay unhappy.

Striving to live an authentic life is challenging, but a life that brings you joy, fulfillment, and the kind of success you desire is what we all deserve as people.....we are meant to be happy!




Working together, I'll help you move beyond your limiting beliefs, fears and other obstacles in your path, and teach you the skills necessary to move forward with confidence.  I do this through both coaching and consulting, which allows me to offer guidance, advice, and answers to the questions that can help you to reach your goals even faster.


If you are unfulfilled, stressed out, unhappy, and feeling stuck, I understand. I was once in your shoes. But let me tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way, and you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. I’m right here to guide you. Let's do this.....

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