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Foundation Five

While there are many avenues and opportunities for change and personal growth, my practice involves an approach I developed over time that I describe as the “Foundation Five”:  Clarity, Self-awareness, Limiting Beliefs and Fears, Healthy Boundaries and Personal Power.  This is how it works:

CLARITY:  Before any change or personal growth can happen, it is essential to get clear about your desired result…and this may evolve and change over time. I will guide you through the process of getting clear about your true desires…and about what is getting in the way.

SELF-AWARENESS:   Understanding yourself better is key to developing a mindset that better enables you to deal with life's ups and downs.  I'll help you learn how to respond (or not), as opposed to "reacting" out of habit.  It is key to living life intentionally.

LIMITING BELIEFS AND FEARS:  Once you gain greater clarity and self-awareness, we can dig deeper and examine the limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back.  Each of us carries a belief system, developed as a child, which in most cases no longer serves us.  Limiting beliefs and fears stemming from other life experiences may also need to be explored. Usually, these beliefs and fears, upon examination, prove to be without merit. Acknowledging this enables you to move past roadblocks and is key to personal growth.

HEALTHY BOUNDARIES:  Setting healthy boundaries is essential in order to be physically and emotionally healthy.  Personal boundaries help you decide what types of communications, behaviors and interactions are acceptable to you.  Learning how to set healthy boundaries will improve your life dramatically.

PERSONAL POWER:  Giving away your personal power to others means that you give someone else power over the way you think, feel or behave.  This means that you may, at times blame others for your feelings, give in to guilt trips, complain or just generally operate from a lower self.  We all do this.  Learning how to take back your personal power will allow you to make choices from a place of empowerment, rather than out of fear or the need to have the approval of others. Taking back your personal power will change your life. 

Experience the Benefits of The Foundation Five


When you implement the Foundation Five in your life, you will:


  • Connect with your core values and allow them to guide you to the fulfilling life you deserve.

  • Let go of the standards of others and live up to your full potential.

  • Exchange your negative self-talk with positive and empowering messages that make you unstoppable.

  • Gain the clarity to follow your dreams and live your life’s purpose.

  • Awaken your authentic self and move forward with confidence toward your dreams.

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