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To learn more about how coaching can help you, please call to schedule a complimentary "Get Acquainted Call"

with me by clicking the button below.


In addition to your private coaching sessions, you will receive continuing support from me between sessions via text, email or other means.  Consider me your private cheerleader. In addition, I will hold you accountable to do the work we have talked about during the sessions.  In each session, we will talk about what worked and what needs more attention and develop a plan of action.

You will also receive individualized “homework,” which may include completing a Coaching Form to help you move forward and gain clarity about what you want and need.  I may also recommend books that are generally an easy read but provide insight and greater self-awareness, and frequently, a realization that the challenges you face are actually pretty common.  Often, we feel we are alone... knowing others deal with similar challenges can be very comforting.

Coaching is not therapy.  Coaching is present and future based work, with the emphasis on moving forward, not looking into the past.  Coaching is a partnership, as opposed to therapy where the therapist tends to be in charge of the sessions based on clinical experience.  We work as a team, but the focus is on you, and where you want to be.  I am here as your Coach and your personal Consultant, to work through the tough spots where people tend to get stuck.  The key is to reach your goals, whatever they might be.

How I work with clients:

My programs may vary depending on your own individual needs.  The Private Coaching and Consulting sessions are typically done over the phone, or if you prefer, we may do a video conference.  In-person sessions are available on a limited basis.  The sessions are typically 45 – 55 minutes.  

I am available to work with groups, whether speaking on personal empowerment, limiting beliefs, healthy boundaries or desired individualized topics.   I work with women's groups and companies who want to help their employees reach their full potential personally and professionally.

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